Luttylux~Lutgarde De Paepe

 “Exploring New Paths”

1975 – 1985

In her teens she escapes traditional education by convincing her parents she might just as well achieve this goal through art school, thus she joins the Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent “KASK” she follows courses in graphical art and architecture.

Her admiration for ancient stained glass brings her to follow a course in restoration of stained glass at St Luc. For five years she actively involved in creating and restoring stained glass windows, mean-while following drawing courses at the Academy of Aalst (BE)

1985 – 2010

Historical and technical Research on the Gilt Leather wall coverings from the 16th century till the end of the industry in the last quarter of the 18th century. She is a co-founder of the Lutson Goudleder workshop. Through Lutson she sells gilt leather worldwide, to leading interior designers and museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art NY.

She works from her French residence in the Gers since 1994.


She pics up drawing nudes and still life at l’Academie de dessin Tarbes


The Works.

Despite her classic education her art is resolutely contemporary.

Drawing and painting is a passion that never left Lut and it’s with constant renewed energy and vision that she explores unbeaten paths. In her work she mixes techniques and mediums.

She makes bas-reliefs, paints or draws with ample, strong and harmonious movements.

She uses charcoal and includes in her works techniques that escapes the control of her leading hand, thus reflecting the incertitude of our daily life.

Her architectural mind-setting reflects in the way she builds her works, often with underlying geometrical patterns and by the use of construction materials. She pays great attention to perspectives and optical effects.

She claims her work is a reflection and expression of her inner self, showing ordered anarchy in a confined environment