Florence Cairo

Florencia Cairo was born in Argentina in 1972, studying the Fine-Arts at the Universad Nacional de La Plata. She immigrated to Europe in 1992, where she began her career as a chef, food-stylist and scenographer. Living and working in Geneva, London ans Paris. She moved 10 years ago to live in SW France.
the contemporary lines and the monochrome palette all reflect the understated beauty of her work and desire to speak about the influences of pure forms.
All of these aspects of her career to date have followed the same sensibility which she now applies to her chosen medium of painting. Cairo is inspired by chance, and the underlying subtleties involved in creating and handling paint arise despite her will.
The works in this exhibition are a vital paring down of the image, bare, exposed, and uncompromising. They are fiercely driven by a need to communicate her curiosity to return the basics and her creative philosophy of opposites. strength versus fragility. Nothing more nothing less.